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The Bitchy, Overwrought Rec-League Emails Of America

The Law Student's Super-Intense 35-Year-Old Boyfriend: "I made an ass of myself and worst of all I made an ass of the one person that I love the most." READ »


The Angry Kickball Captain: "What was that? Seriously, did you guys just think you could show up and win? That was pathetic. Again, pathetic. I know we kid around a lot and try to have fun and a good time, but what is the point if you guys aren't even going to try?" READ »


The Vigilant Defender: "It's a joke. I won't be there tonight and will continue to not be there until someone besides us starts caring before the goddamn 5th inning. I don't even care if this makes me mean or bitchy. I haven't even gotten a goddamn shirt." READ »


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