The (Bleep) Pot Is Boiling Over In Kansas City. (Bleep)

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Speaking just for myself, I think it's refreshing that we have a profanity-laced, post-game tirade by someone named Guillen whose first name is not Ozzie. Meet José Guillen, the Royals outfielder who lit into teammates on Wednesday following their 9-8, 10-inning loss to the Twins, which ran Kansas City's losing streak to 10 games. Hey, in his defense, someone must have told him it was a roast.

The interview stylings of José Guillen:

"Too many (bleep) babies here. They (bleep) don't know how to play the (bleep) game (bleep) and win the game right, the way it's supposed to be (bleep) played. (Bleep, bleep). And that's the problem (bleep) here. Now I (bleep) (bleep) know why this (bleep) organization's been (bleep) losing for a while. Now I know. [Manager Trey Hillman] cares more than anyone here about winning. That guy cares. Every single day. It's killing him. (Bleep). We've just got to be smart and know what we need to do to win (bleep) games. (Bleep) (Bleep). That's (bleep) it. There's too many (bleep) guys that won't do this, do that, like they've given up, like they don't care. (Bleep).''


Note: In that last sentence, he actually said the word "bleep."

Guillen declined to name players he felt were not doing their share. Hillman has come under fire lately for questionable late-game decisions, including leaving Joel Peralta in to face Justin "Island Of Dr." Morneau in the 10th after he had allowed Craig Monroe's pinch three-run homer in the ninth that tied it. Morneau hit a leadoff homer for the eventual winning run.


Here's a blow-by-blow account of the fateful ninth, as reported by the blog Royals Authority. Headline: Craptastic! Oh well, Kansas City, fear not: You are still home to Wizard Cat's favorite pro franchise.

Can You Hear The Drums Fernando? (Alternate headline: Endy's Game). Endy Chavez hit his first home run in more than a year to tie it in the bottom of the ninth, and Fernando Tatis won it with a two-run double in the 12th as the Mets beat the Marlins 7-6. It was the first time this season that the Mets had won a game they trailed after eight innings.

No Dice, Sox. (Alternate headline: Erik The Half-A-B). As Daisuke Matsuzaka heads off for a shoulder MRI (Robotic Monkey Arm! I need you now!), the Red Sox were shut out by the Mariners' Erik Bedard, 1-0. Yuniesky Betancourt homered for the only run. Bedard had given up nine runs in his previous start, against the Yankees, and had come in with seven straight losses.

Who's The Boss? (Alternate headline: Mr. Redlegs' Wild Ride). David Ross homered in a six-run first, and rookie Jay Bruce (batting average .667) had a double and two walks in his second game in the majors as the Reds beat the Pirates 9-1. Fun fact: Cincinnati is undefeated at home (9-0) since Mr. Redlegs lost his head in that tragic ATV accident on May 7.


What Is This, Soccer?. (Alternate headline: Eight Days A Weeks, I Loo-oo-o-oo-ove Ya). Another 1-0 outcome, as Rickie Weeks had a run-scoring triple in the eighth and Jeff Suppan "Sandwich" dominated over eight innings as the Brewers beat the Braves. Jo-Jo Reyes had given up only two hits and had retired 14 consecutive batters before giving up the run.


Wizard Cat Defensive Player Of The Day. Curtis Granderson, Detroit Tigers. Noticing that Granderson had not been an everyday player, Wizard Cat worked an elaborate magic spell and got Jim Leyland to change his mind (may also have involved peeing on his smokes). Now Grandy's in the lineup every day, making diving catches like this one. For some reason you need an evil Windows plug-in to see the video, so enjoy the still photo if you don't want to bother. Wizard Cat gives this catch: Four wands.