Bring Me The Head Of Mr. Redlegs

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By now you've probably heard of the tragic accident involving Mr. Redlegs, the jovial, mustachioed mascot of the Cincinnati Reds. Speeding around the warning track at Great American Ball Park prior to a game with the Cubs, Mr. Redlegs tumbled from the back of the vehicle and had his head pop off, among other injuries. He of course was euthanized on the spot. At first glance it all seems to be an accident ... but was it? Following the jump, video of the shocking event, plus a partial list of suspects who may have wanted to see Mr. Redlegs bumped off.

Unfortunate mishap ... or murder? View the persons of interest in the baffling Mr. Redlegs case, and judge for yourself:

Gapper. Reds mascot and former carpet remnant was driving the vehicle, was last person to see Mr. Redlegs alive.


Ghost of Marge Schott. Late Reds owner once vowed to strike at Mr. Redlegs from the grave.

Mr. Red. Co-mascot felt marginalized by more popular rival, may have been bitter over lack of mustache, health benefits.


Ken Griffey Jr.. Wants out of Cincinnati, will go to any means to achieve it.

Marty Brenneman. Cranky octogenarian Reds announcer will tolerate no juvenile antics; once ordered Mr. Redlegs to get off his lawn.


John Fay. Cincinnati Enquirer Reds' reporter may have been involved in contentious love triangle with Mr. Redlegs and actress Tina Yothers.

Robert Weintraub. Despite handlebar mustache and 19th century-style baseball cap, Mr. Redlegs refused to talk in Purple Prose.


Wizard Cat. Hates costumes.

The Zapruder Film of the 21st century:.

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