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The Blue Jays And Braves Cooked Up Some Beef

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In the seventh inning of tonight’s Blue Jays-Braves game, Jason Motte struck Kevin Pillar out to end the inning on a quick pitch. Pillar took issue with Motte’s tactics and yelled something indiscernible at the mound, immediately drawing a warning from the umpire. Both benches cleared and milled around before dispersing.

Next time around, Jays slugger Jose Bautista knocked a dinger to left field and made a point of stunting a bit by flipping his bat, apparently in retaliation for the Braves puffing their chests at the Jays after Pillar puffed his chest at Motte (baseball beefs are so dumb). The benches cleared yet again.


After the game, Pillar issued an apology for the language he used towards Motte. While he never specified exactly what he said, it was bad enough to get the attention of the umpire as soon as he said it, and he called it “immature...stupid...and uncalled for.”

Braves pitcher Eric O’Flaherty, who gave up the dinger to Bautista, more or less called Bautista a clown and said, “I’m surprised he’s ready to fight again after last year.”


The Jays are in town for one more game tomorrow, and if we are lucky, this simmering beef will turn into a fully cooked beef.

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