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The Boom Goes The Dynamite Guy Tries His Hand At Intentional Comedy

This post is, of course, half public apology to the friends of Deadspin I may have offended last week, when I did not really know who Daniel Tosh was and, accordingly, did not give him due respect when Manny Pacquiao punched him in the face.

Tosh has done something wonderful here, and even if it doesn't pack the same punch as the original line, he should be commended for it: he brought together Brian "Boom Goes The Dynamite" Collins and Gus "Needs No Other Introduction" Johnson to call his staff's pickup basketball game. I'll leave it at that, as I don't want to spoil the questionable ending for you. Just know that it involves Collins saying the phrase "ahh, titties!" — which was enough to break Johnson's character.


It's also just nice to know that there's hope for the kids from America East. The line for internet redemption is long, and slow-moving, but it is (eventually) merciful.

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Thanks for joining us. Talk about the bracket.

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