Please raise a shot glass to G√ľnter Mast, who died last week of heart failure at 84 years young. Mast's tombstone should read, "Brought Excellence To The World One Bottle Of J√§germeister At A Time." Germans consider Mast a "marketing genius." J√§ger's current boss says he's "one of the top businessmen our country has ever produced."

And I thank Mast (on left in photo) for the inspiration to kick through a wall back in '95 just to pose through it, bottle of Jäger in hand.

His other celebrated advertising campaign came in the form of a series of around 3,000 slogans beginning "I drink Jägermeister because ...", posters of which became collectors' items in Germany and beyond.

The most infamous of these was one showing a pre-teen girl clutching a glass and the classic green bottle with the slogan "I drink Jägermeister because ... my dealer has been banged up."

RIP, G√ľnter. You done good.

Partygoers mourn death of man behind Jägermeister success [The Local] (H/T Tomuban)


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