What's this green stuff in my cereal?: Why isn't there a Philadelphia Phillies Wheaties Box? Because it's not a complete breakfast without Whiz. [Home Run Derby]

F- in the A-: You know where you can say fucking? Where ever Lance Armstrong is. (You just can't write it down.) [Examiner]

Tell me lies: The Nationals finally figure out how to get top-tier sluggers to come to Washington. Now if they could just get some pitchers charged with contempt of Congress. [Nationals Enquirer]

Ha-ha: Do you want to see video of Vince Carter looking foolish on the basketball court? Of course you do. [NESW]

Manny is fundamental: I hear the authorized Manny Ramirez biography starts off great, then you'll probably lose interest about half way through, but the best chapter is the last one. Oh, and it's a great weapon for hitting old men in the head. [Sox and Dawgs]