The Brilliant, Crazy Sorority Girl Emailer Has Left Delta Gamma

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You will recall the heady days of a week ago, when we first published an email from a Delta Gamma at the University of Maryland. "I don't give a fuck if you SOR me, I WILL FUCKING ASSAULT YOU"? Ring a bell?


Well, the final word came down from on high last night. The sorority-girl emailer has departed Delta Gamma. Reading the srat's statement, and in light of what its leaders wrote last week, it doesn't appear as though the emailer's exit was altogether voluntary. When Delta Gamma wants vengeance, it gets it:

Delta Gamma has accepted the resignation of one of its members whose email relating to a social event has been widely distributed and publicized through social media and traditional media channels.

The tone and content of the email was highly inappropriate and unacceptable by any standard.

No matter who released it to the public or how it reached such a mass audience, the email content should not reflect on any sorority woman in general or any fraternal organization at large.

This is a regrettable action by a college junior – a personal email that is now on view for a global audience. And as all reasonable people can agree, this is an email that should never have been sent by its author. Period.

This email should not be depicted in any way as standard or routine or tied to any official sorority voice. It is not an official voice or message and should not be construed as such.

For the young woman who wrote it, we can only express our regret and concerns for landing notoriety in this manner.

We now consider this matter closed.


Well, I suppose all that's still better than being cunt-punted.