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The Broncos Should Trade Tim Tebow To Every Other Team In The NFL (Unless They Keep Him), According To Internet

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Peyton Manning is a Bronco now, meaning Tim Tebow is trade bait. Which NFL team should part with their 30 pieces of silver (and maybe a fifth-round draft pick) to bring Tebowmania to town? The Internet has given this question careful consideration and furnished us with an answer: every team.

"[I]n case Manning signs with the Broncos and Smith is spirited away by the Seahawks, how about this scenario: The 49ers trade for Tim Tebow. Harbaugh and Trent Baalke draft Stanford's Coby Fleener, and with three big tight ends that your grandma could throw to, plus Moss, Tebow has some margin of error. And a coach who loves him." [San Francisco Chronicle]


"If Peyton Manning signs with Denver, do my Chicago Bears have the good sense to sign Tim Tebow and play him like GB did with Paul Hornung?" [Twitter]

"Again, the appeal of a mobile backup quarterback and added interest to the run game could make Tebow a smart add for the Cincinnati Bengals as well. With so much cap space, they could easily afford him, even if his price tag were higher." [Bleacher Report]

"The Bills do make football sense. Coach Chan Gailey is perhaps the pro game's best at getting creative with mobile quarterbacks. He's the rare coach that would know what to do with Tebow. He could upgrade the backup position behind Ryan Fitzpatrick. Gailey could create packages for Tebow on the goal line and in short yardage, like Gailey once did for Kordell Stewart." []

"Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is hoping the Broncos hang on to Tim Tebow so he can learn under the tutelage of Peyton Manning, if Denver lands Manning as expected. Hickenlooper said Monday that Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to play the game but called Tebow 'a remarkable person.'" [abc7 Denver]


"The Browns need a quarterback, and Tebow would become a consolation prize after losing out on Robert Griffin III." []

"ESPN's Mel Kiper opined that the Browns would be one of five teams to look into bringing in the former Heisman winner." [Fox8 Cleveland]


"Tebow has visited the community a couple of times this year, and he co-owns a fitness center in Citrus Park so he does have some local ties. From a marketing standpoint and a team management standpoint it might just be a very low risk and high reward move for the Bucs to make." [Bleacher Report]

"It's a long shot because they've already invested so much in quarterback Kevin Kolb. But who knows what happened behind the scenes during the Cardinals' courtship of Manning—maybe Kolb is ticked. Weirder things have happened." [NESN]


"@SportsCenter Tim Tebow should go to the chargers. Their offense could use the help. Phillip rivers is gettin a little sloppy." [Twitter]

"Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli is a fan of Tebow as a person." [ESPN]


"why not if they can get him for a song.Do some goalline stuff and other kinds of gadget formations.Lord knows they are going to need something to keep some attention on them for awhile probably." [Colts Fan Forum]

"More than anything else, acquiring Tebow sends the message that desperately needs to be posted somewhere around the halls at Valley Ranch that reads in giant non-erasable ink: All Jobs Available—Inquire Within. The Cowboys do not need to resort to the eggshell days of Bill Parcells when everyone feared for his professional life. Given, however, this team's mind-numbing lack of playoff success for more than a decade, there is nobody out at Valley Ranch not named Jones who should feel secure about his job." [Fort Worth Star-Telegram]


"Tebow could be next on Miami's radar. He's from Florida, wildly popular, and it's not like at that point the Dolphins would have a lot of options. Most of the available second-tier free-agent quarterbacks have signed elsewhere (Henne, Kyle Orton, Jason Campbell) and Miami's draft position (No. 8) could make them a pick or three too late for Ryan Tannehill. Which means that they'll either have to trade up to get Tannehill (and give up much-needed picks in the process) or settle on one of the few available options: Tebow." [CBS Sports]

"Eagles coach Andy Reid is prone to do the unpredictable (see, Michael Vick, 2009; or Vince Young, 2010). Two, Tebow has many of the same qualities as Vick (mobile, lefthanded, strong-armed). Three, switching to Tebow from Vick if Vick were to sustain an injury - he has missed at least three games because of injury in each of his three seasons in Philadelphia - would not require a major adjustment to play-calling or blocking schemes." []


"If you sign Tebow you have to sit him down and break the news to him. Here's how that talk would go in Coach Led's office. 'Timmy, you're not a quarterback son,' Coach Led would said. 'But you could play the next 10 years as my fullback/H-back. Here's jersey No. 45 and a video disc of Marv Hubbard, Earl Campbell and Larry Csonka. Go to the church and pray about this and hopefully we'll see you in the morning. 'When we get on the goal line or in short-yardage we might let you get in there and throw that little jump-pass thingy you guys did at Florida. But we need you to wrap your arms around the fact that you're not a quarterback.'" [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

"I'll take Tim Tebow over Matt Ryan tho At Least he won a Playoff game.... #FALCONS #AUTHURBLANK" [Twitter]


"Tim Tebow can come join the NY Giants. Gets screwed by Peyton and wins title with Eli." [Twitter]

"General manager Gene Smith may have no desire to sign Tebow (he didn't draft him in 2010 and apparently doesn't want him now, either), but new Jags owner Shahid Khan is the guy writing the checks. And based on his comments last month, he sounds like he'd at least give the former Florida star consideration. 'One-hundred percent I would have [drafted Tebow],' Khan said in February." [CBS Sports]


"I would consider coming out of retirement if TEBOW became a Jaguar!" [Jimmy Smith's Twitter]

"The Jets, ailing with recent quarterback troubles, could use Tebow's option offense to improve their run game to help take them to a Super Bowl. Since the Jets are already focused on the run, adding a mean run-threat QB like Tebow could help bolster their run offense into the top of the league to help them achieve their Super Bowl hopes. Plus, Tebow has already become a national star in Denver, and moving to New York City could do nothing but increase his international fame and help him shape his image. Since we already know that Tebow is a die-hard Christian and wants to spread his message, he might look to a big market team to give him the voice to spread his faith." [Bleacher Report]


"Just heard from source inside the Jets' organization. Regarding Tim Tebow: 'We are players in the Tebow race.' #nfl" [Twitter]

"Do the Lions still need some depth at quarterback? Tim Tebow might be available." [Detroit Free Press]


"McCarthy and Tom Clements, once the Packers' quarterbacks coach and now their offensive coordinator, are considered two of the best quarterback tutors in the NFL. As we discussed in 2010, if you're a Tebow fan, you would hope he lands in a place like Green Bay, where he would have a well-honed structure to straighten out his game." [ESPN]

"..the PANTHERS should get TEBOW...TEBOW, WILLAIMS, and CAM in a WILDCAT and/or WISHBONE formation...WHO could STOP THAT..." [Twitter]


"Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels drafted Tebow with the 25th pick in the first round when he was the head coach of the Broncos in 2010. McDaniels never started Tebow but used him in the Broncos goal-line offense." [Boston Globe]

"Pure speculation: I wonder if Tebow would fit with Pats... No team uses hybrids more, plus McDaniels connection." [Buster Olney's Twitter]


"Tim Tebow really would make for an interesting fit with the Oakland Raiders. Make it happen, God!" [Twitter]

"They volunteered to play in England in part because they believe that it will make them like the Cowboys and Steelers. It won't. Tebow could. Throw in the ongoing struggles to sell tickets (sellouts undoubtedly come from owner Stan Kroenke buying up the unsold seats at 34 cents on the dollar) and a possible move to Los Angeles, and Tebow makes plenty of sense wearing horns from a creature other than, you know, the devil." [Pro Football Talk]


"Would love to see Tebow join the Dolphins but more likely to be the Jaguars. Rams would be good - Tebowing at Wembley!" [Twitter]

"Having Tebow as added insurance-plus as an added dimension to the team's already successful run game-could morph the Ravens' offense into something strange and scary." [Bleacher Report]


"I kinda wish Tebow would come to the Ravens, but we already have a good runningback." [Twitter]

"Fans would love his passion to contribute. Teammates would love his leadership and dedication to working as hard as he can to help the team win. Ownership would love his well-established marketing appeal. The media would love the hysteria that always accompanies him. And Tebow would love the D.C. area—it's not quite a Florida homecoming, but it would put him back on the East Coast and only a 90-minute flight from home." [Washington Post]


"Send Tebow to New Orleans. The irony of playing for the Saints will be awesome. Plus when Katrina 2.0 hits Tebow can build an ark." [Twitter]

"@TimTebow Hey Tebow check out the Seattle Seahawks they need a good quarterback I think you would be their best choice, i like your swagger." [Twitter]


"Pittsburgh won't re-sign third-string quarterback Dennis Dixon and Tebow is basically a bigger version of the same player. Added bonus: he can give the team another power back in goal-line situations and in his spare time help keep Ben Roethlisberger on the straight and narrow." [CBS Sports]

"The Pittsburgh Steelers already have a mobile, unpredictable quarterback in Ben Roethlisberger, so Tebow would be a useful analog to him as a backup. Pittsburgh's also a team in which Tebow could see legitimate playing time if Roethlisberger's injury history is any indicator of his future." [Bleacher Report]


"We need a mobile QB. Remember the Raiders game when Schaub looked like he was going to run it in and then threw a INT. Tebow would've scored." [Twitter]

"Never fear Titans fans...Tim Tebow looks to be available for a sixth-round draft pick." [Twitter]


"With the Vikings struggling on the field, they will also struggle to put butts in the seats of the Metrodome...Who better to fill the seats than Tim Tebow? He single-handedly can captivate a nation and maybe more importantly the people that aren't even too big of football fans are tuning in. More people tuning in equals more people coming to the games equals more money for the franchise." [Bleacher Report]

Image by Jim Cooke. Patrick Burns contributed reporting.

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