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The Browns Turned It Over On Three Consecutive Offensive Snaps

The Cleveland Browns came into their game against New England this week with a lot of optimism. Jarvis Landry even guaranteed victory over the defending Super Bowl champs, before recanting a bit.

Maybe there was a reason he walked back his prediction. The Browns dug a 17-0 hole against the Patriots today, in part because they turned the ball over on three consecutive offensive snaps.

First came a Nick Chubb fumble, which the Patriots’ Dont’a Hightower returned for a touchdown.

Chubb fared a bit better on his next play, running deep into Patriots territory... until he fumbled again.

The very next offensive snap, Baker Mayfield threw it right to the Patriots’ Lawrence Guy.

Julian Edelman scored to make it 17-0 a few plays later. Meanwhile, the Cleveland Browns are still very much the Cleveland Browns.

Staff editor, Deadspin

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