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The Bucks' Y2K Night Contest Has Broken Their Fax Machine

Saturday is "Y2K Night" in Milwaukee, and they are committed to the theme. 2000-era pricing, an appearance from Glenn Robinson, and a halftime performance by Coolio. But the absolute best part is the contest—for which entrants will have to somehow figure out how to use a fax machine.

Ten winners get a meet and greet with Coolio, three a spot in Robinson's suite, but to enter, fans have to fax in their personal information. It appears to be going well so far for entrants, not so well for the Bucks:


Alternately, fans can enter via AIM, ICQ, on Usenet, or just upload your info to Napster. (Just kidding. You have to fax it. And not that thing where you scan a piece of paper and email it as an attachment. That's not a fax.)

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