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The Bulls-Knicks Game Went To Complete Shit Last Night, And Produced This Beautiful GIF Of A Dismayed Spike Lee

When you're not particularly used to losing, any downturn in your fortunes seems like it must be the result of some malevolent scheme from outsiders that bear you ill will. Such was the case for the Knicks last night when they fell down big in an ugly game against the Bulls and decided they didn't feel like playing anymore if these refs were calling the game: within two minutes in the fourth quarter, Carmelo Anthony was granted an automatic ejection when he earned his second technical for arguing a foul, Mike Woodson was summarily tossed—shortly after making this face at a ref—


and Tyson Chandler decided to pick a fight with Joakim Noah, leading to both getting tossed. Anthony described the scene:

"I was actually in here, and then I just heard the crowd screaming and yelling, and I walked to the hallway, and Woody was walking back. Then I was actually in the shower, came back and Tyson was sitting right next to me," Anthony said. "So once I saw that, that's how the night was going."


By the end of the game, the Knicks were down two stars and a head coach due to anger management issues, and every ejection was loudly and triumphantly cheered by the crowd. Perhaps the most visible Knicks fan got in on the action too, giving referee (and fellow Brooklynite) Zach Zarba the iciest of grills when he had the temerity to stand near Spike's part of the court towards the end of the game. The Knicks also scored 45 in the fourth and made a game of what looked like a sure blowout, but that's not important: What's important is that Spike Lee made something of himself, and that means he gets to be the self-appointed public face of Knicks fans and last night, their public face was doing that. Sounds about right.

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