Photo via Doug Pensinger/Getty.

Kirk Hinrich is, if not quite a Bulls legend, than certainly a Bulls stalwart. He was drafted by Chicago back in 2003, and across two stints with the team racked up the third most games played in franchise history, only behind two guys named Michael and Scottie.

At the trade deadline he was sent to Atlanta for Justin Holliday and a second round pick, and so with Hinrich and the Hawks in town, it was time for a tribute video.

It’s an alright video, I guess. Setting the scrappy white guy’s tribute reel to U2 seems a bit too on the nose, and I would’ve included more of his four career dunks and fewer dives for loose balls, but to each their own.


The funny part comes when you realize that this isn’t the first time the Bulls have paid tribute to Hinrich. The first came in 2010, when he returned to Chicago as a member of the Washington Wizards, following an offseason trade. And wouldn’t you know it, that tribute video was also set to U2's Where The Streets Have No Name, and featured many of the same plays that were in tonight’s tribute.

So not only is the tribute video the Bulls made for Hinrich this time around not particularly inspired, it isn’t even original!


h/t @_MarcusD_