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The CBA All-Star Game Featured The Worst Sequence Of Professional Basketball Ever

The Chinese Basketball Association All-Star Weekend just passed, and featured the same things you'd expect from such an event: a rising stars game, slam dunk contest, three-point competition, and a half-heartedly played All-Star Game.

That's understandable, because the CBA All-Star Weekend takes place between the regular season and the playoffs—so stars who participate are either already looking forward to vacation or trying to save energy for the playoffs. The result? Five turnovers and a missed layup in 35 seconds, as you see in the above clip. (We're told it's inspired by our own Deadspin Video series, which is flattering.)

Stephon Marbury himself played only 13 minutes and yet accounted for five turnovers—you can see him above, wearing #3 in black. (He also made his coaching debut the day earlier in the Rising Stars game.) Chinese media called the game "weak," "tasteless," and "garbage," though it's worth noting the All-Star Game's leading vote-getter was J.R. Smith, who was obviously playing for the Knicks yesterday and thus unavailable.


h/t to Anthony Tao

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