The Chargers' Logo Died On Its Way Back To Its Home Planet

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Those were a heady few days, weren’t they, after the Chargers announced their move from San Diego and then soft-launched an L.A. logo that looked like the Dodgers logo stuck its dick in a wall socket. It was mocked by hockey teams, booed by Los Angeles basketball fans, color-swapped and mocked again, and now, apparently, consigned to the dustbin of history.

Goodbye, you sad, silly logo that looked like it belonged in a movie where they couldn’t get the rights to real NFL trademarks.

“The logo that was revealed on Thursday was meant to help launch our brand into the market and supplement — not replace — our official team marks,” Chargers president of business operations A.G. Spanos said in a statement provided to PFT. “Clearly, we miscalculated how the logo would be received, and we’ve taken it out of the rotation.”


On their website, the team is still going with the classic lightning bolt logo, and a Chargers wordmark that deemphasizes the whole “Los Angeles” bit. Really winning those hearts and minds up in L.A, guys.