Wonder why the Chargers' left guard Kris Dielman is listed as "out" for tonight's game? It's not necessarily because the Chargers need a refresher in concussion protocol and played him for nearly a full quarter after obviously getting trauma-ed. Though that probably didn't help.

Dielman took a helmet-to-helmet while setting a block during last week's game against the Jets, and got up shaky. The Union-Tribune says he was "visibly staggered," and the AP said he "struggled to maintain balance." What was clear to everyone watching was that Dielman needed some time in the quiet room. Instead he wasn't checked out until after the team's cross-country flight landed back in California; a flight on which Dielman suffered a "violent" grand mal seizure.

The NFL makes a lot of noise about concussion safety, but it seems that falls by the wayside when it's a Pro Bowl player in the fourth quarter of a close game. The league is looking into the Chargers' actions, and while they're at it, maybe they can check on Dr. David Chao.