The Chargers Will File For Relocation To Los Angeles In January

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It’s increasingly apparent that the NFL will have at least one NFL team (and probably three) playing in Los Angeles soon. The only uncertainty is which teams and when. Yesterday, the San Diego Chargers made a public declaration that they will apply for relocation.

Mark Fabiani, a Chargers lawyer who has been at the front of their relocation effort, confirmed yesterday to Mighty 1090 that the team would apply to move up the state for the 2016 season. Fabiani cited worries that the Raiders and Rams would get out ahead of the Chargers and eat into their market share, were they to move in before the Chargers.


He didn’t rule out sticking around San Diego, but he was dismissive of the city’s efforts, saying, “I think going forward if there’s a solution here in San Diego, it’s going to have to come from the citizens’ initiative process. It’s pretty clear at this point the city’s leadership doesn’t really listen to anything the Chargers have to say.”

That quote is a pretty succinct summary of where all three teams stand with their cities. Sports Illustrated’s Andrew Brandt, Twitter genius, has a round-up of every local effort to keep the Rams, Raiders, and Chargers from moving and it looks grim. The Chargers are openly antagonistic with city officials, Oakland has a $400 million funding gap, and the Rams’ new $1 billion building will need parts of its funding plan voted on.


Also from Brandt’s report, the Rose Bowl has declined to let an NFL team temporarily set up shop while their new stadium is being built but the L.A. Coliseum would consider hosting a team.

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