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The Cleveland Browns Are A Sick Joke

Photo: David Richard/AP

In the process of getting whooped by the Patriots today, the Browns cycled through three quarterbacks. It feels like every week, you hear that the Browns have hit a new low, and again, this week, the Browns hit a new low.

Starting QB Cody Kessler threw a backwards pass into the end zone for a safety right before taking a shot from Patriots linebacker Dont’a Hightower in the first quarter. Wide receiver and former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor briefly replaced Kessler, who was later ruled out for the game.


Pryor was quickly replaced by Charlie Whitehurst, who became the fifth quarterback to take snaps for the Browns this season after Robert Griffin III, Josh McCown, Kessler, and Pryor. In the fourth quarter, Whitehurst suffered a leg injury, which forced Cleveland to use Pryor again.

The progression, in increasingly sad tweets:


A brief glimmer of hope:


What the Browns didn’t say in that last tweet is that Whitehurst returned to the field to kneel the ball once and mercifully end the game, 33-13.

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