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The Closer: East Coast Bias Edition

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Five tidbits from a night of baseball ...
• 1. We Love Living In New York. Honestly, New York newspapers are insane. After the Yankees scored 15 runs in their opening night win over the A's, the Daily News actually ran a story asking whether or not this Yankees offense was "the best of all time." After one game. Now that the Yankees have lost two in a row — against a team considered a top World Series contender, by the way — everyone believes the season is lost. New York papers cover baseball teams like they're football teams, as if they only play 16 games a year.
• 2. That Didn't Take Long. Jon Papelbon has already taken over as closer for Keith Foulke. It's difficult to not see why. If you drafted Foulke in your fantasy league, your draft pick was worthless 18 hours into the season. Sorry.
• 3. The Mets Are The Mets Are The Mets. All those people who ignore all the talent the Mets have compiled and say it doesn't matter, they're the Mets, they'll find a way to screw it up ... they were talking about last night's game.
• 4. Run, Dummy! We're not sure there could be two baseball men from more different perspectives than Frank Robinson and Alfonso Soriano. The Nationals manager benched Soriano after he hit a pop-up and didn't run it out. We have a sneaking suspicion Soriano still doesn't understand what he did wrong.
• 5. 38! Jimmy Rollins' hit streak continues. We're gonna keep bringing this up, as long as it's still going.


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