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The Commenters Have The Means Of Production!

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As anyone who has, oh, ever come to this site knows, the best work here can not be found in our random scribblings but in the comments. We continue to be proud to have the best commenters on the Interweb, and they even successfully fought off the pillaging hordes of 13-year-olds after that whole TRL business.


And we are now happy to report that five of our favorite commenters — Unsilent Majority, Footsteps Falco, Monday Morning Punter, Big Daddy Drew and Captain Caveman — have gone all "Colbert Report" on us and started their own football blog, Kissing Suzy Kolber. We have absolutely no doubt that it will be the only NFL site worth reading over the next few months, with the possible exception of the secret mash notes passed back and forth between John Clayton and Sean Salisbury.

So visit, and check out what they end up coming up with. And we hope you guys still remember to come back here ... we'll leave a light on for you!

Kissing Suzy Kobler

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