YWML Suddenly Huge With 13-Year-Olds

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Out of the wilderness, from the depths of madness, comes a strange, unlikely hero. He's got spikey hair, a nifty blazer and a T-shirt he holds close to his heart. His day job might seem like it would fall outside your particular spectrum of interest, but don't fret: There's a twinkle there, a tiny glint of a life outside the Ashlee Simpsons and the Lil Bow Wows. There's a notion of ... leather. Lots of leather.

His name is Damien Fahey, an individual with whom we will confess we were not familiar until about two hours ago. He's the host of MTV's "Total Request Live," and today, he made a fashion statement that officially stamps him as our favorite fair-haired anchorboy. We cannot salute you enough, Damien, and we give you our heartiest guarantee that the line will, in fact, work.


You're With Me Leather On TRL [Yeoh]
"You're With Me, Leather" T-Shirt [Gawker Shop]

(Just so it's clear, by the way, we had nothing to do with this and didn't know a thing about it until it aired. Honest.)


(UPDATE: You know, we've been thinking about this ... and the fact that this happened is making us a little insane. Just thought you might want to know. We've always been of the belief that YWML was timeless ... but man, we're kinda not sure now. We're glad to see it out there, of course, but ... well, TRL was a surprise. We'll just leave it at that.)