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The Cowboys Took A Swipe At The NHL On Twitter, But The Dallas Stars (Eventually) Gave It Right Back

Hockey's back! (We think.) And no one in Dallas gives a shit! (Which actually might be true.) Ah, but when you've won just one playoff game in 16 years—and counting!—it's probably not a good idea to throw shade at one of your neighbors the way the Dallas Cowboys did on Twitter yesterday morning:


Shots fired! The Cowboys' tweet was eventually deleted and replaced with an apology. The Stars weren't just going to stand there and take this, though. Oh, no. A full 24 hours after that initial dig, they finally came up with a witty comeback:

See! Tony Romo's a loser! That's Mike Modano! With the Stanley Cup! From 14 years ago! Also: The Stars haven't made the playoffs since 2008. This just might be the saddest sports Twitter fight of all time.

h/t to Kip R.


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