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The Coy Public Flirtation Between Rick Carlisle And Jason Whitlock

Big Sexy rolled into Big D for last night's finals press conference, and he put on a clinic in "How To Ask Questions That Aren't Really Questions In Hopes Of Getting A Quote."

His two:

"From changing the starting lineup, to playing Cardinal, to managing Dirk's minutes, to the zone in the fourth quarter—you really had to empty your coaching playbook today."

"Yes or no, though, you did coach a hell of a game."

Then Carlisle put on a clinic in "Being Sort Of Offended By Silly Questions," leading him at the end to wonder, as no Deadspin reader ever has, who Jason Whitlock is. Carlisle proffers ostensible hostility here.


But you see the way Carlisle playfully "negs" Whitlock, breaking from his crew-cut, military-man demeanor to flash young Jason a fleeting smile. Damn thang, done.

Carlisle Asks "Who Is This Guy?" [YouTube]

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