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The Criminal Element In Canadian College Football

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Canadians have a sordid reputation for being exceedingly polite, but they want to remind everyone that they can hurt your feelings with a cutting barb or scathing observation too. Of course, even Canucks who are on the other end of those vicious attacks can fight back like a Momma Palin bear on her hind legs. And you all know coach Frank McCrystal of the University of Regina Rams too well to think he's going to take it lying down right? It seems that Frank has been taking some heat on the message boards lately from Canadian Interuniversity Sports fans and that's got his maple-flavored blood boiling:

"Well, it really is pathetic," McCrystal commented. "You've got some pathetic person hiding behind a keyboard in cyberspace shooting his mouth off instead of stepping up to the plate and coming to say what they have to say. I don't pay much attention to them and I haven't for, foreve really. But when you have comments that are more slanderous, I think that's something that should be addressed. We're having it addressed through the league and maybe recognized as a criminal element. We're looking into that."

Doesn't that just burn your flat round slice of bacon? Or make you want to drink a entire two-four by yourself? Or put on a wide-brimmed hat and ride a horse? OK, that's all I got, but I've said it before and I'll say it again—I never get tired of jokes about the subtle differences between Canadians and Americans (or British or Australians.) But at least we know that the one thing that's not different is that both countries have thin-skinned old people who want to throw internet trolls in jail for being mean. It's the similarities that unite us, people. • FYI to Frank McCrystal: Try putting fear into your opponents [CIS Blog]

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