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The Curious Case Of The Ball State Ass Slapper

A serial bike-mounted butt-slapper has been terrorizing Ball State's campus. Dangerous sexual predator, or harmless fun? The student body is torn.

On Wednesday morning, three separate women had their behinds smacked my a mysterious figure, described only as a white male on a 1950s-style bike, who pedaled off before he could be apprehended.


That would have been the end of it, except campus police sent out a safety notice to all students and staff. I don't want to make light of the women's undoubtedly scary incidents, but try to imagine how the average college student would react if they got a text from campus security to be on the lookout for a cyclist slapping women's butts.

Well, here's how they reacted: they started a Facebook group, "The Ball State Ass Slapper." It's got 8,300 fans already, all cracking jokes and sharing stories of the man, the myth, the legend.

A counter-group sprung up: "WE OPPOSE MEMEBRS OF THE BALL STATE ASS SLAPPERS GROUP. IT IS NOT A JOKE!!!" It has 270 fans.

The student paper got involved, with a righteously indignant editorial. But the legend continues to grow. You can buy your own BSU Ass Slapper merchandise, or listen to the "Ball State Ass Slapper Song":

Cut the kids some slack. It's the first time the Ball State jokes haven't been testicle-related.


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