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Illustration for article titled The Curse Continues For Mayo After An Epic All-Ireland Football Final

A last-minute free kick from Dean Rock gave two-time defending champs Dublin a thrilling 1-17 to 1-16 win over Mayo in the All-Ireland Football Championship. The victory extends the misery for the “cursed” Mayo, which have now lost the last nine finals in which they’ve appeared.


It was a dream start for Dublin, as an early bit of individual skill from Con O’Callaghan gave them an early goal. Mayo fought back, though, holding a slim lead at halftime as the teams continually traded blows both metaphorically and literally. Players on both sides had opportunities to win late, including Mayo’s Cillian O’Connor, who hit a free off the post in extra time. But it was Dean Rock who put Dublin over for the three-peat after converting a kick off a 70+6 minute Mayo foul.

Mayo still has not won the trophy since 1951, when, as the story goes, the celebrating champions had a curse placed on them by a priest after they disrupted a funeral. Heartbreakingly, this is now the second year in a row they’ve lost by one point to Dublin in the final, though they gave a heroic effort today that’s nothing to regret.

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