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The Daily Dicky Comes to Kentucky

In the form of Kentucky's outspoken wide receiver Dicky Lyons, Jr.. You'll recall that Lyons spent SEC Media Days discussing his dreams about Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford trying to steal away his fiancee. Now he's providing daily video updates as Kentucky prepares for their opening game against Louisville.


Per the UK Athletics staff:

During preseason football camp, will provide a daily interview with senior wide receiver Dicky Lyons Jr., in a feature called “The Daily Dicky.” Lyons will provide a behind the scenes look into what goes on at the Nutter Training Center on and off the field as the Wildcats prepare for their season-opener at Louisville on Aug. 31.


Yep, the Daily Dicky from Nutter Field. The video clips are really weird so far. It's kind of like Andy Kauffman is playing wide receiver for Kentucky. For instance, Lyons on why he chose the number 12: "As you know I wear this number 12...cause I always like to say, you gotta look out for number 1 without stepping in number 2." Also, Lyons has a two-part interview with a teammate that makes no sense. Pretty soon he's going to be reading The Great Gatsby during 7 on 7's.

The Daily Dicky [UK Athletics]

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