Not much on this sporting planet more glamorous than the NBA's Development League, nope. As evidence of the league's ability to raise the profile of a mere basketball player into an international superstar of unqualified proportions, we present this DraftExpress diary of Rod Benson, former Cal Golden Bears forward, on a night out on the town while playing for the Dakota Wizards.

Of course the only 300-pound girl in the building comes right up to me and asks me to dance. I say no (I have a history of big girls asking me to dance for some reason). She persists and persists. I am not joking when I say that from her front tooth on, through the left side of her face, there were no other teeth. I actually scared me enough to make me kind of jump back.

The D-League ... it's dentally challenged, but it's better than working for a living. (Barely.)

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