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The Deadspin AwardsThe Deadspin AwardsThe Deadspin Awards are a haphazardly planned, moderately attended awards show that celebrates the worst (and a few of the best) things in sports.

Last year, we held the second annual Deadspin Awards, a follow-up to the first annual Deadspin Awards. On Dec. 5, we’re going to host the third annual Deadspin Awards. Can you believe it?

As in years past, the Deadspin Awards will be a haphazardly planned and moderately attended awards show meant to celebrate the worst (and a few of the best) things in sports. Mostly this is an excuse for us to have a big party where everyone gets free drinks, make Drew wear a tuxedo, and tend to our strange but deeply appreciated friendship with Daniel Radcliffe. You can come!


The show will be at 7:00 p.m. on December 5 at Irving Plaza in New York City. If you want to come, you just have to click this link right here and buy a ticket for $20. That will get you in the door and as many damn drinks as you can handle. You’re gonna need them!

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