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Back when we announced the sale of the "You're With Me, Leather" T-shirts, we promised a free post for whichever reader was able to feature the shirt on national television. But we — obviously — never dreamed it would be the host of TRL.


In the wake of yesterday's terrifying appearance of the shirt on MTV, we have been alternately confused, amused and all together bewildered. But today, we have the story behind the shirt's appearance, and, along those lines, the award of the free post.


The full tale is told by Joel Solomon, a commenter around here by the name of "TripleHandsome" and, amazingly, a former writer at "TRL." He explains it all, with his free post, after the jump, even chiming in with a fantastic Berman sighting of his own. Enjoy ... if you dare.


I used to be a writer at TRL and became very good friends with [TRL host] Damien [Fahey]. A few years back we went to the MLB All-Star Game in Chicago because he was hosting the Celebrity Softball game. While there, we went to a players' party at a "cool" lounge place; there were pretty much no players there. We tried to go to the bar to get a drink and saw this crowd of super hot women surrounding someone. As we got closer, it was this giant beast of a man wearing a Hawaiian shirt; that man ... you guessed it, Chris Berman. We had finally found the said "players." I remember the room was pretty cold, and yet somehow this guy was sweating like Patrick Ewing at the free throw line in crunch time. The guy was talking up all these chicks, sweating like he just raced for the cure and there were no other guys with him. I went up to Boomer and said.


ME: "Hey man, I'm a big fan. Looks like you've got your hands full."
CB: (points finger at girls) "I could go home with any one of these girls."
ME: "Um, okay."
CB: "You guys wish you could be where I'm sitting, because the view is (looks around at the women) GOOOOOD!" (laughter)

End of conversation.

Damien and I were in total shock. Babe Ruth could have walked in for an exclusive interview with him, and this guy was more interested in what color the carpet was underneath the leather. We kept laughing about it throughout the weekend, and even after that, whenever we saw him on ESPN. He just seems like the kind of guy that would smoke at a salad bar.


Flash forward to 2006. The famous YWML story breaks on Deadspin, and I post the above story, saying how I had a run in with Berman and how I think the YWML story is totally legit.

So when I saw YWML t-shirts were for sale, I knew this was a natural fit. Payback's a bitch Berman! (Forgot to mention at the Cleveland/Florida World Series, when I was 16, he blew me off for an autograph and then again at the Super Bowl this year in Detroit).


Ordered two YWML t-shirts and then it was just a waiting game. This would have gone down sooner, had Gawker not taken like eight weeks for the shirts to ship. Damien actually saying YWML was just icing on the cake; his improv, I can't even take credit for that.

Keep up the great work.
As Always, You're With Me, Leather.

Joel Solomon

As for my post, here are Ten Things that will never again see the light of day on Deadspin.

10) Craig Kilborn is the greatest entertainer of my generation. He is one of the best Sports Center anchors of all time, had a huge hand in getting The Daily Show off the ground and hosted a tremendously funny Late Late Show that will never get the respect it deserves. There's '5 Questions,' which every show under the sun tries to duplicate and an amazing cameo in Old School that showed off the range his acting chops. Looking forward to Craiggers in Full Of It, proud of you!


9) Next year is the 20th anniversary of the release of the greatest album of all time, Appetite for Destruction. For this event, the original line up of Guns 'N Roses needs to get back together; not think about it, actually do it. I would assume they'd open up with Welcome to the Jungle, but my only request is that the set list includes "Pretty Tied Up" and "Get in the Ring."

8) Time Travel. While it does not exist now, it very well may in the future, and here is where I'm headed, Game 7 of the 1992 NLCS. This game led to the downward spiral of Pittsburgh Pirates history, and if I could do anything to prevent Sid Bream from scoring, I'd do it in a heartbeat. (Mark Cuban please buy this team already!)

7) Rob Crabbe is a great guy.

7a) Takka Takka is the best band you've never heard of.

6) Mischa Barton is ridiculously overrated. The actresses on Laguna Beach are better than her, and although she might be hot for a model, is heroin-chic already retro cool? My friend BT thinks otherwise, sorry man.

5) If there are any NFL coaching vacancies, let me recommend one man. I went to Taylor Allderdice High School in Pittsburgh, the same high school Curtis Martin went to. His head coach there was a man named Mark Wittgartner; the guy is a creative genius that would make Norm Chow's playbook look like Sponge Bob Square Pants paint by numbers.


4) Greg Weiss, my agent. You can reach him at Brookside Artists Management; he's shopping my screenplay and a pilot that would make any network who buys it a lot of money.

3) If anyone knows a unicorn breeder I would like to purchase one for my girlfriend.


2) Kurt Angle is just one of many reasons why you should watch professional wrestling. The guy is the Bo Jackson of his sport; he's an NCAA champion, won an Olympic gold medal, the WWE title and will eventually win the ECW title. I've used his signature move the Ankle Lock at work several times, and no one has been able to break it.

1) People at my Bar Mitzvah I forgot to thank: Mom, Dad.

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