The Death Of The UK's "Happy Slapping" Craze

Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: the old-school "Happy Slapper Gets Smacked," chosen because "graffiti-dude fights art-fag (gnarly beatdown)" was just too bad-vibe. Tonight's commentator: artist Steve "ESPO" Powers. (Coming next week: TBA.)

My friend BB was describing a town in Northern California as a place you either "shoot, shovel, or shut up."

It's also true in the province of England where this clip was filmed at the height of the 'happy slap' craze several years ago.

A kid with a camera films another kid slapping an unsuspecting third kid is a Happy Slap.

This clip is where that trend ended.

Two louts start off looking like they are arguing over the last sip of a gallon of Georgi vodka, then they switch gears and start scheming on how they will get the next bottle.

Boy and girl enter from stage right and one of the louts happy slaps the girl.

Immediately, the boy, who I call justice, clad in a tracksuit and trainers, steps up and boxes the louts into the ground. Lucky for the louts his girl pulls him away like they got a train to catch and they continue in their way.

The louts collect themselves and actually stagger after Justice, like they are gonna get some payback. My advice to them is to keep battling the bottle, not the boxer.

Ed's note: What follows is the unhappy graffight which could've been the lead review, but wasn't...

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