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A gentleman named Chase emailed in to Jezspin Day because he REALLY wants to know what us ladyfolk think of the new short shorts that basketball men are sporting these days. Chase, this sports blog is for you.

I read a Washington Post trend piece about basketball players and short shorts and it seems like the dudes are just looking to switch up their style a bit. I can appreciate that.


This Chris Douglas-Roberts is a big short short fan and I find his enthusiasm refreshing.

Hey boo

Ok, I see what’s happening, but I must say, these shorts don’t seem that short to me. I mean, I know they’re short for large basketball playing men, but you could still wear those to Catholic school.

I do like that they’ve been schooled in the very important spandex lesson. All young girls learn early on that if your skirt or dress is too short, you can throw on a pair of spandex shorts and hit the town free of your cares.

Slay, honestly

Honestly these make more sense to me—gives your knees some room to breathe. Good for mobility.

Wouldn’t mind taking a bite out of that drumstick IfyouknowwhatI’msaying

Short shorts are pretty cool because maybe today you’re feeling a little insecure about your biceps, so you can draw attention to another area that you’re more comfortable with, like your shapely legs.

Drop down and get your short shorts on

Besides, I like it when my men show a little thigh, especially when they’re thicker than a bowl of oatmeal after I’ve added my chia seeds, which everyone knows makes the consistency even thicker. Goddamn!


Short shorts are good, I say.

Sexy thigh images via Getty.

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