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Good Morning! The Jezebel Staff Is Running Deadspin Today

Hi, I’m the editor of Jezebel. Today, the Jezebel staff will be running Deadspin.

Don’t be alarmed. We love sports. Some of us have even played them before. Others have even covered them before. We’re doing this because we think it’ll be fun, and because we have lots of sports opinions to share with you. This is not a prank; it’s simply a staff swap. If you go over to Jezebel today, the barbarians who normally run this website will be attempting to mimic our work on the day Beyoncé’s sixth studio album is rumored to drop. We pity them, and expect to lap them in our blog quality today.


If you have tips for us today—stories we should be covering, bears we should know about, baseball chins we should consider—please send them to If you think we should be #stickingtosports, we will—mostly. We got this. Enjoy!

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