The Denver Nuggets Unveiled New Alternate Jerseys In Your Local Business Park Conference Room

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The dropped ceiling. The fluorescent lighting. The undeniable look of flesh without a soul. This is a random Monday afternoon, maybe an hour or two after lunch, in InterCorp, Ltd. with offices in Anytown, USA. And this is where the Denver Nuggets gave the world a look at their new alternate jerseys.

Look at JaVale. Poor, sweet JaVale. JaVale has the look of a dog who's just realized his owner is leaving for work or for...ever? All he can do is cock his head to the side and not even bother to hide his pain.


Kenneth Faried, Danilo Gallinari and Ty Lawson. Oh, you poor saps. Nervous smiles, no idea what's in store for them. They are the first to get killed in a movie. Too kind for their own good.

And Andre. My God, Andre. Andre Igoudala has just realized that the same man who put him in this ridiculous get up in this depressing conference room under these hot lights is the very same man who murdered his grandmother. Just as this picture was taken he caught a glimpse of a tattoo on the man's neck—a reminder of a terrible childhood memory—and it all came rushing back. He's begun to plot.


The Nuggets will debut the jerseys this year and wear them for 18 home games.

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