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Look at that. That's a damn fine uniform. Unis from a century ago were usually pretty great—white or gray, high socks, uncluttered chest logo, and my favorite, logo-less caps. The Diamondbacks will suit up in these bad boys next Wednesday, and they're going to look great, but it's more than little weird that "throwbacks" for Arizona means playing as Kansas City.

They'll be worn in Chicago on April 23rd, the 100th anniversary of the first game at what is now called Wrigley Field. The ballpark hosted the Federal League back then, a short-lived "third major league" that started play in 1914 and folded the following season. As part of the day's festivities, the teams will wear the uniforms of those who took part in that inaugural game. For the Cubs, that means dressing as the "Chi-Feds." But the visiting team that day was the Kansas City Packers.


"The Cubs wanted to re-create the exact match-up that took place on April 23, 1914, between Kansas City and Chicago of the Federal League," D-Backs designer Brian Gundell told Uni Watch. "We happened to be their opponent that day, and we agreed to participate, but we also requested that our logo be present, since there's no direct connection between us and the old KC team."

That last part is understandable, but I have to agree with Paul Lukas here—that D-Backs patch is the worst part about this otherwise immaculate uniform.

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