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The Dodgers' Rally Bear, Unmasked

Don't watch this video. Rally Bear takes off his bear head, and it's just a regular guy underneath. Magic isn't real.

KTLA caught up with Mark Monninger, the man behind the brief, unauthorized mascot dance party atop the visitors' dugout during last night's Game 3. Monninger says he's not looking for publicity—though he's more than happy to name-drop and conduct his interview in his office furniture store—but was just trying to draw attention to the Dodgers' lack of a mascot.


Monninger was ejected from the stadium in the back of a police car, though he wasn't arrested. He has been banned from Dodger Stadium for six months, which seems sort of pointless because the Dodgers have a maximum of five more home games until April.

Of all things, though, why a bear?

"Bears are cuddly, they look good."

Can't argue with that.

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