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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

The Dolphins Will Be On Hard Knocks

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After every interesting team in the NFL decided they weren't interested, and after we feared it might come down to the eager Jaguars, up steps a team that no one predicted. It's the dark horse fish mammals, the Miami Dolphins, that will be featured on HBO's Hard Knocks.


Joe Philbin broke the news at the start of his press conference today, and just a few minutes later HBO and NFL Films sent out their press release. Here's a quote!

"The Miami Dolphins have long been synonymous with success on the field as evidenced by our five Super Bowl appearances and the only perfect season in NFL history," added Philbin. "That heritage serves as a constant reminder to our players and staff of the great legacy that has been left for us to uphold. Our team embraces that rich past and looks confidently to the future as we begin this journey back to the top of the NFL.

"All the decisions that have been made this off-season have had one guiding principle — will it help our players and organization reach its full potential? This one is no different. We are convinced that our affiliation with NFL FILMS and HBO will allow football fans everywhere an opportunity to comprehend the significant sacrifices and demands that our players endure each day along their journey in training camp as a Miami Dolphin. We eagerly await the opening of training camp on July 26 and the 2012 NFL regular season that lies ahead of us."


Should be fun! The Dolphins are a mess of a team, with a new coaching staff, plenty of roster competition, and...Tannehill. By opening night, America is going to know a lot more about Ryan Tannehill than about Luck or Griffin.

And how about those poor Jaguars? For months they've told anyone who'd listen that they'd love to do Hard Knocks. Now it somehow goes to a team in the same state that's just as shitty.

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