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The Eagles Are HUGE Underdogs Sunday

We were pretty amazed to read this this morning: Apparently Sunday night's Patriots-Eagles game has the biggest spread in NFL history. (Well, not exactly: They're not counting expansion teams, for some reason; the Buccaneers were 24-point underdogs to the Steelers in their first season, and lost 42-0. That season, Tampa Bay beat the then-St. Louis Cardinals. They were not the Buzzsaw then.)

The Patriots are favored by 23 1/2 points, which is pretty amazing even before you consider that the Eagles won their division last year and are currently at .500. Bettors out there ... can you explain this to us? Which side are you taking?


The Eagles' extreme underdog status is stopping our own AJ Daulerio from talking some trash on Boston Magazine's Web site.

Regardless, win or lose come Sunday, just know that Philadelphia will still think of you and your town as a bunch of heartless sons of bitches who will soon enough be cold-cocked off your arrogant throne. Honestly, if we think you're a pack of loud-mouthed jerk-offs, how awful must you truly be? And that day of your reckoning, if not Sunday, will be a glorious one not just for us, but for America. How do you like them apples, you chowdah-slurping imbeciles?

Yeah ... that's just not enough bile to make up 23 1/2 points.

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