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The Eddy Curry Problem

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You wouldn't know it from "Around the Horn," but sometimes in sports, an issue is too complicated and full of too much subtlety to get much of a handle on. You understand both sides, recognize every viewpoint and struggle to come up with a solution that's fair to everyone. (Weird, for sports, we know.)

We absolutely cannot get a handle on this Eddy Curry situation. To recap, the Chicago Bulls want their portly but potentially dominant center to take a DNA test to check for congenital heart problems before they let him play this year; Curry says that it's an invasion of privacy and that allowing teams to test players' DNA for potential problems opens up a whole big nasty bag of worms.


The Chicago Daily Southtown points out that the Bulls need to make sure Curry isn't going to arrest right on the court, and that makes sense. But the Sports Law Blog points out that not only does the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement not allow for such testing, many doctors consider it unethical. That makes sense too. And when you throw a contract dispute on top of it, the whole thing is just maddening. And kind of sad.

We have no side on this, because sometimes both sides are right, and both sides are wrong.

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