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The End Of Brett Favre, For Real This Time (Probably)

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It has been so long since Packers quarterback Brett Favre was good that it would almost seem mean to continue thrashing him if it weren't for the John Maddens and Peter Kings of the world still treating him like Jack Twist treated Ennis Del Mar. (We imagine SI editors, in the Michelle Williams role, whispering to themselves, "We don't think Peter and Brett are really going to Lambeau Mountain to fish." (For a fun riff on this, check out Junior General.

But after last night's 48-3 destruction at the hands of Kyle Boller — read that again — even Brett's defenders are abandoning him. If Favre retires in the offseason (and whether he does or not, you know we'll be hearing about it all spring, like we do every year), we'll have lost a guy that, in spite of it all, we still kinda like and admire. Our personal favorite move was when he shaved his head when his wife was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Though we also give Favre mad propers for stepping in for Steve Young — who was originally offered the role but turned it down for Mormon-related reasons — in There's Something About Mary. Not only did he act, he even provided the hair gel. Happy trails.


John Luvs Brett [Junior General]

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