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The End Of Roger Clemens. Finally.

We think ESPN's Jayson Stark had the most comprehensive and dead-on take on the Mitchell Report, particularly the public perception that those names in the report are guilty without a shadow of a doubt despite evidence that wouldn't even stand up in a civil case. Not that it really matters; we wanted our pound of flesh, and we got it.

How delicious, then, that the pound of flesh belonged to Roger Clemens! Perhaps the most universally loathed baseball player — A-Rod has decades to go to catch up, and one senses his problem is more that he's kind of dopey, rather than a dick like Clemens — has finally gotten the comeuppance many wished upon him. Hating Roger Clemens: It's not just for baseball fans anymore!


As Stark points out, the evidence against Clemens is essentially he said/he said, but, frankly ... WHO CARES? The Mitchell Report was gonna nail someone to the wall and ruin their reputation forever. And it turned out to be Roger Clemens! Bad day for baseball? What? Says who?

Many Legacies Will Be Tarnished Forever [ESPN]

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