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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

The Euro 2012 Final Would Not Be Complete Without A Couple Idiots On The Field

Spain rocked Italy today (or tonight, depending on where you happen to be watching) 4-0 in the 2012 European Championship Final. For a match without a lot of drama, things got exciting immediately following its conclusion.

First, we have Mario Balotelli shoving some official-looking man as he leaves the pitch, but that's barely worth mentioning given Balotelli's propensity to do things.

Second, we have your more traditional idiot on the field pitch. As Spain celebrated, a reveler made his way to the scrum and was tackled into the backs of several Spanish players by security. From what we can tell, it appears Sergio Busquets then turned around and took a swing at the idiot. Olé!

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