Everybody has a great "Rec league opponent who takes the game WAY too seriously" story unless, of course, you are that rec league opponent who takes the game way too seriously, in which case, we're sorry, we'll try harder, we need to focus, yeah, you were open on that play, we know.

Our personal favorite is the time a guy on the other team got thrown out of our D-league co-ed softball league in the first game of a doubleheader and thrown out again in the second game. You have to realize what this league is like. Half the players ride old man scooters when they hit the ball — usually to third base. People go to the plate with their bat upside down. It hardly resembles actual sport; it's tough to take it too seriously. Yet this douche didn't like an out call at second, and he blew up, and that in no way betrayed larger, deeper issues of his own soul.

Anyway, ArmchairGM has a great tale of some flag football guys getting too excited:

The team we played had a camera guy on the sidelines. Okay... a little weird, but I suppose filming the game isn't so bad. But wait. Not only was this guy filming our game, but he was also commentating on it. No joke. This guy was by himself on the sidelines, because let's face it, no one cares enough about your intramural game to come watch it, and he was freaking commentating on the game.

It goes on from there; apparently these guys had been attending all the other games in the league for advance scouting. But our favorite is that they brought their own flags ... and they're personalized! That's so awesome.


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