The Falcons should think long and hard before passing on Justin Fields

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Matt Ryan: Aging but serviceable.
Matt Ryan: Aging but serviceable.
Photo: Getty Images

The Atlanta Cockatoos need to be careful about trading the number four pick in this year’s NFL draft.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Parakeets are now fielding trade calls from multiple teams and “are open to moving” out of the No. 4 spot.


With all of the unfair scrutiny surrounding Justin Fields, the Ohio State product would likely be available to the organization at the number four spot if Atlanta wanted to choose him.

I understand that the Storks still have an aging-but-serviceable Matt Ryan under contract, but I believe that this could be a great opportunity for Atlanta to shore up their future at the position and allow for Fields to grow under a QB like Ryan.

With Atlanta sporting a 4-12 record last season, I understand the thought process of trying to fill multiple holes in the draft through trading down and amassing more picks. But when you’re ranked 29th in total defense, the likelihood of you finding a combination of second or third-round picks that can change things overnight is slim. So if you have a talent like Fields who has shown you glimpses of being able to be a dual-threat franchise star, why would you pass him up?

Fields could come back home to Georgia and be a centerpiece for the team moving forward after Ryan is done under center in the next two to three seasons. Just think about how nice it would look to see Fields scrambling outside of the pocket and hitting Calvin Ridley for touchdowns. We’ve already seen a quarterback succession plan work in the league and it set Green Bay up for long-term success.


If I’m Atlanta, I need to think long and hard before trading this pick. Having patience, and trusting in Fields, could work out for the organization long term more than multiple picks. Quality over quantity.