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Photo: Dave Martin (AP)

You’re not hearing things—it does sound like a whistle is blowing before every Rams offensive play in today’s NFC title game. That noise is very likely being made at least in part by a superfan named Leroy “Whistle Monsta” Mitchell, who’s been doing it at Saints home games for 22 years. The whistle is created just with his mouth, and at one point he held a record for the world’s loudest mouth whistle. Although he’s the most notorious whistler, there may be a second at today’s game:

I thought that this play was blown dead multiple times:

The whistling might be most annoying for the viewer, but the Rams are having an extremely difficult time with the overall crowd noise. At one point, they were so discombobulated that left tackle Andrew Whitworth had to walk over to the center and talk to him:


Update: Whistle Monsta isn’t just about volume. He’s got musical talent too.

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