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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Considering most of you — unless you happened to draft using Yahoo's fantasy game last night — have already held your fantasy football drafts, you are, today, in the lone moment over the next three months when you won't be tinkering with your team. Right now, you are strong; your team is awesome! And then ...


It's always one guy on whom you put all your hopes, and then blasto, poofo, away he goes, destroying your team. A couple of years ago, Daunte Culpepper was the culprit, and The Angry T lists some of history's most soul-destroying fantasy flops. Culpepper only comes in third on the list, following LaMont Jordan's sinking in the bed-and-breakfast swamp last year and, sadly ... Kurt Warner. We will never quite wrap our mind around Kurt Warner's football career; we think it might have been a blip in the Matrix.

That is, until he's starting for our Buzzsaw by Week 9.

10 Guys Who Almost Made You Riddle Your Office With Bullets [The Angry T]

(Our pick for this guy this year? Larry Johnson. Not that daring, we know.)

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