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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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The Florida Gulf Coast backlash has begun. Mushnick chimed in this morning and now Sports Illustrated has unearthed a bombshell—take a look at that headline!


Turns out Andy Enfield, FGCU's head coach, is not technically a co-founder of the company he never said he co-founded. Sports Illustrated interviewed Tom Rizk, CEO of Tract Manager, the company where Enfield was merely an early employee.

Rizk said that discussions about the formation of TractManager began in the fall of 1999, and that the company was formally launched in the spring of 2000. "Andy was not involved in those early discussions,'' says Rizk. "He wasn't involved in the initial financing of the business — that was all me. Andy decided to join TractManager in November of 2000, and was one of the very early employees of the company, probably the seventh or eighth employee. He was not a co-founder. He was involved in the early stages of building all the little building blocks of the company. He invested a modest amount of his own money. He owned a small percentage of the company and the company grew into something significant.


Enfield spoke twice privately to during the four days of FGCU's exhilarating run through the weekend's sub-regional in Philadelphia and did not directly characterize himself as a co-founder of the company.


Even worse, Florida Gulf Coast University isn't even on the Gulf of Mexico, it's on a man-made lake two miles from the coast. Wouldn't be surprised if the whole Fort Myers calling itself Dunk City was some kind of publicity stunt. Frauds.

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