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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Of all the sports we cover around these here parts, it's probably pretty obvious to you that our favorite, the one that warms our cockles the most, is baseball. We pretty much buy every baseball book we can find, particularly around this time of year, when it's cold and we miss the game the most. A yearly purchase is the annual wrapup from our friends at The Hardball Times, which allows us to recap the season that just ended right after it ended.

Well, the new version is out, and it showed up at our apartment yesterday. This one is slightly inferior to past editions, only because this year they asked us to contribute a look back at the season from an off-field perspective, and we did, 3,200 words of blathering piffle. But other than that, it's a joy, as always. It should keep you plenty warm until Baseball Prospectus 2007 comes out. We look forward to fellow contributor Rob Neyer's Amazon reviews.


The Hardball Times Annual 2007 [The Hardball Times]

(By the way, before you ask, no, we don't get any cash if you buy a book, so we're not being self-promotional here. In fact, we just told you our essay was the WORST article in the book. So stop with the kicking! Ow!)

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