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The First International Volleyball Court

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So here's a sport that we probably should have assumed was happening: It's volleyball with the U.S.-Mexico border as the net.

No, really, that's what they're doing: On one side stands the Americans, kicking back there with their freedom, and on the other, the Mexicans, obviously wondering if there's any way to spike themselves to horribly paying jobs. And Lou Dobbs and Pat Buchanan always walking by, pretending to be refs, screaming "OUT! OUT!"


What's particularly cool about this is that they've chosen the dirtiest, most isolated and disgusting beach possible to put together their games. To quote: "This is a filthy beach, where the Tijuana River deposits human waste, heavy metals, toxic poisons and other industrial effluvia from Mexico into the ocean. 'CONTAMINATED WATER; DEEP HOLES; RIPTIDES; NO LIFEGUARD; NO SWIMMING!' the signs announce."

We say the odds are excellent that Versus starts broadcasting these games within the month.

Viva Border Volleyball! [LA Weekly]

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