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Joe Paterno did not "do all he should have" to report Jerry Sandusky's child abuse and evidence supports his termination, according to documents we believe to be preparation material for this morning's press conference at the release of the Freeh Report.


While a significant portion of the work as we acquired it remains unfinished, prepared answers for the Q & A portion of this morning's press conference include:

* Finding the PSU administration failed to act appropriately while the Board of Trustees failed to create an "environment that demanded proper conduct"

* Finding the firings of former PSU president Graham Spanier and Joe Paterno to be appropriate

* Steadfastly refusing to answer whether or not the commission believed there was a cover-up.


There's also a note at 9:05 to announce problems with the website at which the report is scheduled to be available, which is curious because it's not 9:05 yet.

Here are the documents as we received them.

Freeh Prep


Psu q & a

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